What Are People Saying About Light of Messiah Ministries?

What Christians are Saying

We want to thank you for coming to visit us last Sunday and for the very special and meaningful presentation you delivered to our class. We were all moved by it, and you very clearly made us realize our connections as Christians to the rites and traditions of Passover.

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What Churches are Saying

What a unique and worshipful evening as we celebrated Passover together. Our people now have a greater insight and appreciation for the Jewish customs and understand the symbolism behind the Passover elements and celebration!

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Shalom Basket Testimonials

We had a basket sent by your ministry to a Jewish woman we have met who is in trying circumstances. Her response to the arrival of the Shalom basket was amazing to us.
She told us it brought her joy and made her feel valued and loved. Later on she described the beauty of the objects within it and how she used them for her holiday dinner. She was bubbling over about it. It also did open the door to a spiritual conversation, and we can only trust there will be more to come.

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