Who We Are


Taking the message of Jesus back to the Jewish people… Teaching the church our Jewish heritage and foundation.


Since 1992, LIGHT OF MESSIAH MINISTRIES has been bringing the message of Jesus to the Jewish community of Atlanta and the southeast. Unfortunately, most Jewish people do not understand Jesus. Jewish people think that Jesus is the “Christian god.” To a Jewish person, Jesus is the one to whom Christians look to find spiritual fulfillment and enlightenment. Most Jewish people do not understand that Jesus truly is the Jewish Messiah who came in fulfillment of the ancient Jewish prophecies.

LIGHT OF MESSIAH MINISTRIES exists to bring the message of Jesus to the Jewish community. We want to help Jewish people know that Jesus is our promised Messiah and that the most Jewish thing that anyone can do is believe in Him. We also want to help our brothers and sisters in Messiah (the Church) understand the Jewish roots of our faith.

Most Jewish people to whom we minister are contacts brought to us by Christian friends and associates. Ultimately, it is our desire to meet with Jewish people one on one. We want to share our personal testimonies and open the Scriptures to see how Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament.

We partner with local churches for special Jewish outreach events. These events are designed to get individuals involved in extending gestures of friendship to their Jewish neighbors and associates in culturally relevant ways.

We also spend some of our time in churches teaching the Word of God, the Jewish roots of our faith, and explaining the Jewish holidays. By helping Christians understand the Jewish roots of our faith, we believe that we are at the same time equipping them to communicate the love of Messiah to their Jewish friends in a sensitive, loving, and effective way. Knowing more about the Jewish Jesus helps us to know more about ALL of Jesus!