Jesus in the Passover

“What does Jesus have to do with the Passover? Passover is Jewish!” Well… so is Jesus! Jesus celebrated the Passover every year during his lifetime. Even more than that, we believe that all of the symbols of Passover ultimately point to him. Here are just a few examples of how the symbols of Passover find …read more

Why should anyone believe in Jesus?

Jesus: The evidence of history! A professor at Northwestern University in Chicago says that the Holocaust is a myth, a deliberate fabrication. Many thousands of people agree with him. Other people claim that the moon landing was a hoax, a Hollywood production designed to cover up billions of dollars of embezzled government funds. How do …read more

Jesus …The Jewish Messiah

“Jesus, for Jews?” “Crazy!” Yes, but a lot of people are considering the claim that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. Two thousand years ago people didn’t ask, “How can you be Jewish and believe in Jesus?” Instead, they asked “How can you be Gentile and believe in Jesus?” This early controversy over Gentile inclusion in …read more