April 2016 – Jesus…Our Passover Lamb

Why was the night Jesus was betrayed different? What was going on? There are many things we know about that night. And a lot left to our imagination. Most importantly Jesus made a proclamation. Read about it.

March 2016 – W20150724_133101hat We’re Doing In Israel

We’re actively involved in sharing the message of Jesus in Israel. We need your prayers. Here’s what we’re doing.

April 2014 – Itching Ears?

How Christians United For Israel and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews are a danger to Jewish outreach and evangelism.

January 2014 – Interfaith Couples

December 2013 – Jesus: The Way, the Truth, the Life

Jewish people need Jesus just like everyone else. Read why.

October 2013 – What We Do and Don’t Do

September 2013 – Hopelessness Apart From Messiah

August 2013 – Wish You Had Been There

Murray tells stories of his outreaches in Myrtle Beach, SC and New York City

July 2013 – Fear

How fear affects our ministry to the Jewish community.

June 2013 – New Year Apple Tarts

April 2013 – Saying “I Do” to Jesus

A Jewish woman accepts her Messiah.

March 2013 – Saying “I Do” to Jesus

February 2013 – Preparing for Passover

Jesus prepared for the Passover and Jewish people prepare today. Passover is an opportunity for us all to prepare our hearts. Read how.

January 2013 – One Special Jewish Lady

Judaism and the Jewish people through the eyes of a Jewish athiest

November 2012 – Jewish Ministry in Focus

October 2012 – 20 Years of God’s Incredible Faithfulness

December 2011 – Doing Good for Others

What does it mean if we do good things for others and neglect to share the message of Jesus?

July 2011 – Rejection

Talking to people about Jesus carries with it some risk. The main risk is that of rejection. But it not only comes with the territory, it is to be expected. Jesus experienced it and talks about it often. Read why facing the fear of rejection is what we must do to carry the Gospel to a lost world.

April 2011 – No One Asked

Our April 2011 newsletter discusses why we need to ask spiritually relevant questions to people. Sometimes people are ready to accept Jesus. We just don’t ask.

February 2011 – Egypt: Watching and Wondering

The recent conflict in Egypt is one piece of a much bigger picture. Conflict in the Middle East is setting the stage for Messiah’s return to bring true peace. Read how Israel is at the center of it all.

December 2010 – Visiting the Land of Israel

Why should Christians visit the land of Israel? What will they see? What will they learn? In this newsletter read about why visiting Israel is important for every Christian who is able to go.

September 2010 – The Day of Atonement: Then and Now

Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is the holiest day on the Jewish calendar. Today Jewish people fast and pray and hope for forgiveness. In biblical times, Jewish people brought their offerings for sacrifice. The scapegoat is a picture of God’s plan through Messiah Jesus. Learn about the connection between the scapegoat and Jesus in this newsletter.

August 2010 – Abraham’s Faith and the Binding of Isaac

During Rosh Hashanah, the Festival of Trumpets, the story of Abraham binding Isaac to the altar is read in the synagogue. The story is one of Abraham’s faithfulness to God as well as God’s faithfulness to Abraham. It is also a story that points us to the ultimate Sacrifice and our need to be obedient to God.

July 2010 – Current Events and the Gospel to the Jews

Recent current events have turned the hearts of many Jewish people in the direction of questioning the spiritual. Especially in Israel. Read how current events can be used to bring up the message of hope and comfort that can only be found in the Messiah Jesus.

June 2010 – Why Israel

We are going to Israel every year now to bring the Good News of Jesus to the Israeli Jewish community. It is an important land where we feel we must share the Gospel. Hear about our ministry in Israel and why we do it.

April 2010 – Sometimes It’s Time to Stop 

When sharing our faith with people sometimes the best course of action is to pause. Learn why pausing in our witness is so important.

March 2010 – Salvation and the Jews

How are Jewish people saved? They are God’s chose people. What does that mean? Do they get a second chance at heaven?

February 2010 – Living Legacies

How our ministry has touched and affected the lives of Jewish families.

January 2010 – A View from Behind the Desk

Our administrative assistant shares her experiences and thoughts from our office.

December 2009 – Why Don’t They Believe?

Why have the Jewish people, as a community rejected Jesus as Messiah? Learn the answer to that question in this newsletter.

October 2009 – What Does it Mean to Love Isreal?

Loving Israel and the Jewish people means more than just saying it. We need to pray for the Jewish people, bless the Jewish people, and most importantly share Jesus with the Jewish people.

September 2009 – Urgency

A Jewish lady passed away. Her friend called me to share my testimony with her when it was too late. Why we need to take every opportunity now to tell people about Jesus.

July 2009 – I Am Jewish and a Seeker

One Jewish lady gave her life to Jesus at a recent Passover service. Another Jewish lady at the same service was offended by the message. However, God uses everything for good and for His glory. Read how the story unfolds.

June 2009 – Ministry in Isreal 2009

This summer Casey travelled to Israel to work with Jews for Jesus doing outreach ministry in cities south of Tel Aviv. The gospel was proclaimed and Jewish Israelis heard about Jesus. Read about the fruit and the opposition we encountered as we shared the gospel in the land of Israel.

April 2009 – The Stories of Two Girls

Our ministry is involved in the lives of people in many different seasons of life. Read the stories of two girls who have been touched by our ministry. One is a new Jewish beleiver and the other a Christain dating a Jewish man.

March 2009 – Coconut Grove Arts Festival

Casey traveled to one of the largest arts festivals in south Florida last month to talk to the many Jewish attendees about the Messiah. This month’s newsletter is her journal of her ministry to the Jewish community at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival.

February 2009 – We Are Not Always There

Though it is our desire to be with Jewish people when they accept the Lord, we are not always there. Jewish people are coming to Jesus through those we are helping and our ministry is having impact through the lives of people who use us as a resource. Read about how our ministry is touching Jewish lives indirectly.

January 2009 – Israel and the Middle East in Conflict

The current conflict in the Middle East is not a modern conflict but an ancient conflict rooted in biblical history. Read about the current conflict from a biblical perspective from its beginning to its culmination. This newsletter would be great to share with other Christains and your Jewish friends.

December 2008 – The Miracle of Hanukkah

The Miracle of Hanukkah reflects God’s love for the Jewish people. Read about the significance of Hanukkah for those who know Jesus.

October 2008 – Fear

The current worldwide financial crisis and collapse of financial markets has caused people to be fearful and uncertain about the future. Read how our ministry to the Jewish people is affected by the current economic climate and how we are responding.

September 2008 – Why Didn’t He Believe?

Read the story of one Jewish man we met at a local Christian event, why he does not beleive in Jesus, and why it is so important for us to be ready and willing to share Jesus with the people who God brings across our path.

August 2008 – The Jewish People…And God

Jewish people have a special place in God’s heart and plan. But my people need to know Jesus. Read about how the Jewish people view God today and where they stand in God’s eyes apart from Jesus.

July 2008 – Poland Journal

Read the moving account of our ministry to the Polish Jewish community as Casey helped to restore a vandalized Holocaust cemetery.

June 2008 – Evangelism in Israel

Most Christians do not understand how much evangelism is going on in the Land of Israel. Read a report on how Light of Messiah Ministries is involved in evangelism in the Jewish homeland.

April 2008 – Ministry to Russian Jews

Our outreach to the Russian Jewish community is expanding. Read how our ministry is touching the lives of these special Jewish people.

March 2008 – On Death and Dying

Death is not an easy subject to talk about, but we have to. We are often approached by Christians whose Jewish friends are dying. Our thoughts on having a Jewish friend, being a Christian, and what to do…

February 2008 – God’s Chosen People

Are the Jewish people still God’s chosen people? What does that mean? Has the church replaced Israel as His chosen ones? How are we as believers supposed to respond to those questions practically?

January 2008 – A Tale of Two Friends

The most effective way to reach your Jewish friend is by being their friend! Read the stroy of two people, how they are sharing their faith with their Jewish friends, and how our ministry is helping them out.

December 2007 – The Persecution of the Jews

Why have the Jewish people been persecuted over the centuries? It is a question many have pondered and we are asked frequently. Read our take on the issue.

September 2007 – Encounter at 10,500 Feet and Other Stories

Murray and his son Nathan had an unexpected encounter with a Jewish woman on a hike in Wyoming at 10,500 feet. Read about that encounter and other recent “divine appointments”.

August 2007 – My Summer 2007

Read the exciting ministry stories from Casey who spent her summer doing Jewish ministry in New York City, Poland, and Atlanta.

July 2007 – Stories From the Street

Read stories from our street outreach to the Jewish community in New York City during July 2007.

June 2007 – One Young Man’s Journey

The story of a young Jewish college student and his journey to faith in Jesus as Messiah.

May 2007 – Summer Outreach

A letter asking those who have a love for the Jewish people to help us reach Jewish people this summer with the message of the Messiah Jesus.

April 2007 – At Home and…Beyond Our Borders

Though our ministry’s primary focus is reaching the Jewish community of Atlanta, we also reach out to Jewish people around the country and world. Read about what our mnistry is doing to reach the Polish and Russian Jewish communities.

March 2007 – Why Was That Night Different?

Jesus and His disciples celebrated Passover on the night He was betrayed. The passover is one of the most significant Jewish holidays on the jewish calendar. It was also significant to Jesus. Readh how the Passover Jesus celebrated was different than any other passover in history.

February 2007 – Corey’s Memorial

January 2007  Our New Look

New ways our ministry to the Jewish community is reaching out and growing.

November 2006 – What We Do and Don’t Do

What our ministry to the Jewish people is really all about.

October 2006 – Shalom Basket Thoughts

Reports from our 2006 Shalom Basket Outreach.

September 2006 – SHALOM

How to truly have peace with God…from a Jewish Christian perspective.  This letter was written to give to Jewish people.

July 2006 – Sounds from the Street

Stories from our summer of ministry in New York City.

February 2006 – It’s Never Too Late

The story of an elderly Jewish man whose Jewish son led him to Jesus just before he died.

January 2006 – A Meeting from God 

A divine appointment with a Jewish woman.

October 2005 – A New Life – Larry Fried

A Jewish man’s journey to his Messiah.

September 2005 – Prayer Walking

What a prayer walk is and why we pray for our Jewish people.

August 2005 – Our Summer in Pictures

Pictures and stories from our 2005 summer ministry.

July 2005 – Where Do They Go?

What happens to a Jewish person who dies not knowing Jesus?

June 2005 – Email Questions

Emails to our ministry with questions and encouragement from Christians

May 2005 – Christian Children who Marry Jewish People

What do you say and do when the child of Christian parents decides to marry a Jewish person?

March 2005 – Signs of the Times

How the events in the Middle East, natural disasters, and personal struggles, have turned some Jewish hearts to seek after God.

February 2005 – Helping Our People to See

Accounts of how we have helped Christians with their Jewish friends

October 2004 – Ministry Update and Baptism

How we helped a Christian businessman share his faith with his Jewish coworker.

September 2004 – Sharing Jesus with Jewish Friends

Christians share their experiences talking to their Jewish friends about Jesus.

July 2004 – Summer Outreach

Stories from our summer outreach and ministry at the Gay Pride parade.

June 2004 – Bible Studies

How we minister in Bible studies, Sunday school classes, and small groups.

May 2004 – Ministering to the Elderly

Stories from our ministry to elderly Jewish people in nursing homes.

April 2004 – Paul’s Heart for His People

Paul’s love for his Jewish people as expressed in Romans 9-11.

March 2004 – A Jewish Christian Look at The Passion

Reflections on the movie “The Passion” after release

February 2004 – You Never Know

The story of a Jewish woman’s journey to Jesus and how waiting for the Lord to work in a person’s life can produce fruit.

January 2004 – Who Killed Jesus?

Perspectives on Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion of the Christ” (pre-release).  The crucifixion from a Jewish Christian perspective

November 2003 – Changing History

How our ministry is changing the lives of Christians by teaching them the Jewish roots of our faith and equipping them to share Jesus with their Jewish friends.

October 2003 – The Spiritual Condition of My People 

Where is the Jewish community today spiritually?

September 2003 – Losing Loved Ones

The stories of the loss of several Jewish people to whom we had been ministering.

May 2003 – Interfaith Couples

How our ministry reaches out to interfaith couples.  The unique dynamics of interfaith ministry.

April 2003 – Chance Encounters

Several stories of how God brought Jewish people across our path.

November 2002 – Is Jesus the Only Way for Jewish People?

Do Jewish people need Jesus to go to heaven?