Devoted To Israel

The Jewish prophets called Israel back to God. Jesus gave His life for them. The Apostle Paul agonized over them. By understanding these realities we learn more about our faith, our Jewish roots, and about the Jewish Jesus. It is then that we can fully know what it means to love Israel.

Devoted to Israel is a message that will help you to connect with Israel, the land, and the Jewish people. It will leave you burdened to fulfill God’s command to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” (Psalm 122:6) Your heart will resonate with the Apostle Paul who said “Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved.” (Romans 10:1) Learn what it truly means to be… “Devoted to Israel.”

Forward by Jim Reimann, editor of the  best selling updated editions of “Streams in the Desert” and “My Utmost For His Highest.”

70 devotions, 152 pp.


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Devoted to Israel

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