Jesus In The Tabernacle of Israel

Do the lessons learned from the ancient Tabernacle of Israel communicate any truths to us today? Can we learn anything from this ancient meeting place? The Tabernacle of Israel holds many fascinating truths about God and foreshadow the Messiah that was to follow. During this service you will be confronted with God’s pattern and design for this Tent of Meeting and how it shows His character and His plan for the forgiveness of sin. The Tabernacle shows us God’s plan for redemption in a very clear way.

During our time together we will walk from the front gate of the Tabernacle through to the Holy of Holies. As we walk through this area where only the priests could minister, we will stop at all of the furniture. It is there that we will meet Jesus. You will see God’s holiness revealed in a new way. In the pattern of the Tabernacle you will see the truth about sin, forgiveness and the impossibility of being right with God through our own human efforts.

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