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Taking Jesus back the the Jewish people… Teaching the Church our Jewish Roots

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Since 1992, Light of Messiah Ministries has been bringing the message of Jesus to the Jewish community of Atlanta, the southeast, and Israel. Our main goal and purpose is to take the message of Jesus back to the Jewish community. We want to help Jewish people understand the Jesus is our Messiah and the one who came in fulfillment of the hope of our Jewish prophets. We also want to help non-Jewish believer in Jesus communicate the truth of Jesus to their Jewish friends in a relationally sensitive and culturally relevant way.

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Messianic Jewish Calendars 2017/2018

We are again carrying beautiful and helpful Messianic Jewish calendars. Our calendars are designed and printed in Israel by a Messianic ministry in Tiberias near the Sea of Galilee. Our calendars make great gifts for your friends and are the best way to keep up with the Jewish holidays, learn about our Jewish roots/the Jewish festivals, and pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

Coming in August 2017

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